5 Great Holiday Marketing Strategies To Do Right Now in Q4

5 Great Holiday Marketing Strategies to Do Right Now in Q4

5 Great Holiday Marketing Strategies To Do Right Now in Q4

Right now, we are in Q4. Do you have a holiday marketing strategy for your business? With a bazillion companies vying for consumers' attention over the holiday season, how do you stand out? The first place to start is to spend time on your digital marketing efforts.


It's estimated a 15.5% growth in e-commerce sales to a staggering $119 billion this holiday season. That means it's vital to get your businesses seen online. 


I know it's also a stressful time of the year. Likely the stress of the season is already bubbling up inside. And don't get me started with the FOMO. Am I right?


First, take a deep breath. Here are five strategies, tips, and tools to help you increase your engagement, sales and maximize your returns on marketing this holiday season.

Start Planning Now

You may feel like you're behind the eightball. Don't worry. Better late than never. Just start where you are and get done what you can. Any efforts for your holiday season are better than nothing—plan for one thing.  


The point is, start now.

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Here's an excellent place to start:


Review goals and marketing strategies that have worked in the past. 

Consider what services, programs, or offers you can easily promote.

With your calendar, plan out a short timeline. 

Start backward with your timeline to create your holiday marketing strategy.


Example: You decide to send out a short holiday series of three emails to promote an offer then share it on social media by December 1.  


Note: Make sure to assess your progress as the season develops and edit your plan if something changes.

Create a Holiday Feel on Your Platforms

An easy and effective holiday marketing idea is making your website and social media platforms merry and bright. That's not to say you need to redesign your website.

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Here's an excellent place to start:


Add a new holiday feel to your homepage.

Create a holiday blog (like this one)

Add a holiday banner or profile on your social platforms. 



  1. Hop on Canva and create a set of holiday images in your brand style.
  2. Create a new banner for your Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  3. Use a template to make an offer to promote your Black Friday or Christmas sales or offer.
  4. Resize these designs for other social media banners for a consistent look and feel.


Note: Track what social media posts get more likes, engagement, or shares. Don't forget this is a season of giving. Sharing is caring, especially this time of year. If you have something you can give, then share it with your community.

Save Time By Using Content Services

This time of year is crazy busy. Do yourself a favor and save time by using services that share your social media postings and emails. Complex platforms like Keep, FG Funnels, and HubSpot will ensure that each marketing blast is carefully curated before it gets sent out. However, they are also complex to set up. 


Get Response, Constant Contact, or MailerLite are great email service providers for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. Other social media tools like Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, and even Canva will schedule your posts.

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Start Here:


Write 1-3 emails to your community.  

Focus on sharing in the season and not just on selling. 

Create a short series of social media posts

Schedule them all out and enjoy your holidays


Example: You plan out your short holiday series of three emails to go out to your community. Then schedule your social media post starting on Friday after Thanksgiving. 

Note: Track your email open rate and social media engagement on your holiday posts. And an important reminder, subject lines matter in emails. Take some time to write a caption that would get your attention to open.

Write Laser-Focused Emails

Just like your inbox, your customers' inboxes are also overwhelmed this time of year. Standing out in a sea of holiday sale subject lines requires a strong hook in the subject line and first sentence with a valuable email to follow.

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A few things to consider:


First, personalize your emails with a customer's name. Then get to the point of your email, time is precious. Keep your content as short as possible.


Don't forget to proofread and test each email extensively before sending it out. If you're not great at catching grammar errors, use Grammarly. It has saved me! 


Lastly, keep in mind that people skim. So consider bullet points in your copy. Embed URL links, so it's easy for your audience to take action. 


Adding a PS. at the end may be the only thing they read after their name.


Tip: I run all my copywriting through Grammarly Pro. Even though I've been writing for years, Grammarly saves me time and, more importantly, offers me peace of mind. 


Note: Create a holiday banner or image for your email. It's a great way to spread some holiday cheer!  

Spread the Holiday Spirit

Remember, retaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. So as a business leader, it's a wise idea to think of your customers more as friends.  

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Here are a few ideas:


During the holidays, showing gratitude to loyal customers goes a long way. 

Offer special discounts, sales, or gifts that encourage them to continue being part of your client base and community. 

Consider giving your loyal customers a discount code to share with their family and friends, which can help expand your sales.


Example: I created a series of social media templates on Canva to share with my clients and email community.  


Note: Showing gratitude could be one email or social post that says Seasons Greetings. Don't overcomplicate. Please keep it simple, and you'll both win this season. 

Final Thoughts for Your Holiday Marketing

I hope these five strategies, tips, and tools inspire and encourage you to take advantage of the season. 


Yes, it's a hectic time of year. It's also a great time to connect, increase traffic and revenue with your community and clients. Stay motivated, set realistic expectations, and remember always to put your customers first!


Seasons Greetings, 



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