If you are online promoting your business you are probably also hunting for images all the time for your business. Here are 6 FREE high-quality stock photo sites to save you precious time.

Perhaps you've taken photography classes.  Purchased fancy equipment and taken more photos that don't exactly look like the photos the pros take.  It can be a challenge unless you are a photographer.

It's true... using your own images is the BEST way to promote your business. However, most of us don’t have the time or capital to invest in the right tools to make it happen.

Watch Out For Copywrite Laws

So the next best thing is to jump online and find images, right?

Okay, hold up!

Copying them off of a search engine is very dangerous.  Think hard before you grab an image online.  Always look for reputable stock image sites or take your own photographs whenever possible.  There are so many sites it's hard to choose.

You can get lost for hours looking for royalty-free images and photographs




According to copyright law, you are financially liable for using copyrighted images on your website (or for other graphic art, such as the cover for your free e-book or blog).  

"When it comes to photos when in doubt, assume it’s subject to copyright laws.  Don’t use any image without the appropriate permission." (source) Social Media Examiner

The good news is there is a multitude of Royalty-Free websites to choose from.  I've done the research and kept it simple for you.  

Here are sites where you can find images to use for commercial purposes:

Keep in mind the quality of images you use directly reflects your brand, so choose wisely.

Tips to Create Image In Your Brand Style

  • Search for background images or patterns to create a variety of images. 
  • Add variety by adjusting the size and crop images. 
  • Add an overlay of your brand color on top of an image to keep consistent in your brand. 

I hope you find these high-quality stock image sites and tips helpful in creating graphic images for your business!  

To your success,

Darla Kirchner

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