I teach online entrepreneurs with tools and strategies to build their brand online. There are several different online strategies and social media is one of the most popular and a great place to invest your time. Here are 4 tips and strategies to boost your brand awareness and make it better!

Instagram, with more than 300 million users is one of the most popular social media platforms. Are you using Instagram to help share your brand awareness?

Just as all the other major platforms have a distinctive feel and unique aspects, Instagram is one of the more casual, informal feeling social media’s in my opinion.

I love to share and have other Instagrams tips here for your personal brand.

There are some great Instagram experts to follow, and I do.  Jenn’s Trends and Sue Zimmerman are a few I follow.  I also learn by reading.  Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki wrote a great book called The Art of Social Media, which I consider my social media reference guide!

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Since my focus is on helping online entrepreneurs define and design their brand identity, I’m sharing from a different perspective:)

Amazingly, Instagrammer’s share about 70 million photos each day!



Amazingly, Instagrammer’s share about 70 million photos each day!

Wow, crazy right? So, It makes me wonder…How do you stand out among the masses with that much competition?

I’m sharing 4 Instagram Tips with strategies:

1. Start with knowing your purpose with using Instagram.

I used each of the platforms differently.  I do have a strategy for each one.  I use Instagram to share more the behind the scenes about me, my life and business.  Since I’m a personal brand, I want people to know me, my values and my mission.  In the image below I’m sharing what’s important to me, spending time with family at my favorite place… the beach.


Boost your brand awareness with these instagram tips


This post I created with WordSwag.  I shared it across other platforms, like Facebook and Pinterest.  This is my own quote and I’m excited to say it’s become a popular post, especially on my Pinterest account🙂


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.53.50 AM


2. Get creative when sharing your offerings and products.

 Instagram is a great place to share your products.  Create well-branded images using Canva, Picmonkey or apps like Wordswag and Over.


Companies like Starbucks use Instagram to tell their followers about new coffees as they’re launched, using fun filters.
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Boost your brand awareness with these instagram tips


Personal brands like Danielle LaPorte shares her hand written inspiring quotes and collage of products in an engaging way.  Danielle is an authentic and savvy entrepreneur who really strives to connect and engage with her audience.


Boost your brand awareness with these instagram tips


3.  Celebrate your clients.

When you love who you work with, it’s pretty easy to share your clients!  I’ve done this with photographs of me working with my awesome.  This s a great win-win! It shows how your clients like to work with you and if you are smart, you will share about their brand too!

Giving is always the better way in my opinion:)  Follow your clients and comment on their post.  Bh sharing some of their post on your account is another way to celebrate and create community!  I use the Repost app for sharing posts.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 11.21.18 PM

4.  Research relevant hashtags and create a strategy for your brand.

Follow other’s in your industry.  I’m a blogger.  So I will also research hashtags that are relevant to my blog post so I can use them in my Instagram a twitter post.

Just like on all the other social media platforms, the best way to be successful on Instagram is:

  • Commit to being consistent.
  • Be social, engage with your audience.
  • Create a brand theme.  Use your colors, fonts, brand style images.
  • Create a watermark for each of your image post.

You no longer have to be square to be hip!

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Recently Instagram updated its Android and iOS apps to enable native support for landscape or portrait images and videos!  Square will remain the default for photos shared on Instagram, however now you can select between different image sizes with the new update.




The current square size for a better image resolution is 1080 x 1080 pixels, although you can create images as small as 640 x 640 pixels.

So tell me, are you using Instagram to build your Brand awareness?  

I’d love to know what’s working for you.  Who’s your favorite personal brand on Instagram?  I’d love to know:)  Share them with me on Twitter!

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