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Reviewing my clients brand identity is part of my job.  To help you understand all that goes into branding I will be reviewing businesses that I admire and believe will help you have a better awareness for your branding.  Today, I’d like to share and review Tom’s Mom’s Cookies.


Let me introduce you to Tom’s Mom’s Cookies.  I found their delicious cookies years ago when traveling through the upper Michigan area while on a trip with my family heading down the coast of Lake Michigan.


 Tom’s Mom’s Cookies  began baking cookies in 1985.  This unique bakery is located in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  You know a cookie is good when you only find them because other tourist told us about them.

Yes… Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

Product review:

Tom’s began making 3 cookies using no additives or preservatives.  30 years later they have added 21 different recipes to their offerings.  From being open seasonally to being open all but 3 days a year, Tom’s Mom’s Cookiesnow offers mail order which comprises about 30 percent of their sales.


Tom states, “We’ve done our part by  making these great cookies with care and consistency since the beginning.”

Branding Purpose:

When I work with my branding clients we discuss and brainstorm their purpose, mission and the vision for the business first.  I always want to understand why they are in business and what’s important to them.


Though I do not see a purpose, mission statement for Tom’s Mom’s Cookies, I do see their brand has a sweet and whimsical vision for their company.  I’d love to see a tagline or slogan that share’s their purpose or mission.


I work with my brand clients to clearly define who their Ideal Client is.  It appears that Tom’s Mom’s Cookies target audience loves great tasting cookies and will happily pay for them too! I recall paying about $14.00 for them many years ago.  Even though it was 4 times more than I had ever paid for cookies before, I did it.  Today, Tom’s Mom’s Cookies are $18.00 a dozen and people all over pay for them.


If I had to guess, their ideal client is a tourist that passes through town or stay in the area.  Their target clients have a family and love quality food and to support local shops.  Oh and they have a little sweet tooth too:)  Many come back every year as they remember Tom’s Mom’s Cookies and they have become a tradition to get while vacationing or driving through the area.


They share these yummy treats with their friends and family.  Tom’s understand many of their customers are vacationers.  People who would like to have more of their cookies when they go home so Tom’s started offering online ordering that can be shipped anywhere.  Today Tom’s online shipping makes up 30% of their business.


Brand Identity Review of A Delicious Bakery

Brand Slogan or Tagline:

I don’t see a slogan or tagline for Tom’s Cookies.  Again, if they were my client, this would be an area we would work on.
Think Nike’s “Just Do it” or Oreo’s amazing branding, “Milk’s favorite cookie.”  If you want to get a great “taste” of Oreo’s branding, follow them on Instagram! 
As Hubspot states, “It’s especially difficult to express a complex emotional concept in just a couple of words — which is exactly what a slogan does.”  The ones that have figured out how to convey their value proposition to their buyer persona in just one, the short sentence — and a quippy one, at that!”
I agree with their statement.  Check out more great companies with great slogans and taglines that Hubspot has gathered. 


Visual branding:

Tom’s visual branding is cute and has a hand drawn and handmade appearance.  Their colors, buttery yellow, light blue, aqua and pink are consistent throughout all their branding.  From the packaging to the paint on their adorable gingerbread tiny bakery facade.
I do wish their logo was better defined as it can appear unclear which it is, the beautiful script above the door or the fine all caps modern font incorporated in the cute illustration.  Either one of the font styles is challenging to read easily.  I would suggest an easy to ready hand-written casual style font to coordinate with the look of the illustration.

Customer Appreciation:

Tom’s has great fans!  Some of their customers send letters, photographs, and articles.  In their tiny bakery, there is an entire wall dedicated with letters from all over.  You know you are doing the right think when your customers happily share what you do.  These awesome people are your ideal clients are and Tom’s has an abundance of them!

Online Presence:

As a brand mentor I believe every business need to be on sharing their brand awareness online.  After reviewing their website and bakery, I see the bakery has an online presence.
Their website has all their adorable visual branding and is up to date with offerings.  Tom’s Mom’s Cookies has a subscribe button for special offers to opt into their email list.  Although Facebook is their only social media, their page is active, which is always good to see.  I would discuss other strategies if they were my clients.
I hope by sharing this brand review you begin to look deeper at your branding  Tom’s Mom’s Cookies has an amazing product.  I’m definitely a fan and part of their target audience!
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As a brand strategist, I’m always looking and reviewing businesses and entrepreneur’s branding.  Tom’s has a great product and I hope by sharing my review helps you in your branding strategy.
If you want to dive deeper and want to discuss your business branding, let me know.  I’m happy to chat!


Have a delicious day!

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