Are you Connecting with Your Target Audience?

How do you connect with your target audience? Are you online, events or retail? Do you send out email news and updates.  What about networking? All are great, my point is are you communicating authentically?

Awhile ago a dear art friend said to me “I love reading your blogs now, because I feel like I’m talking directly to you”.  That’s when I knew I finally was myself and connecting with my ideal clients and target audience.  I’m going to take a deeper dive into how we communicate with our audience.  More importantly your target customers.  The people you want to promote and more importantly sell your work and services to.

Are you ready?

Are You Connecting with Your Target Audience

This is an important topic, whether you are an online entrepreneur, retailer, small biz owner etc.  You need to share your story and stay authentic.  You also want the people you are trying to reach “get your message”.

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A few questions for you…

  • What’s your story?  
  • Why you do what you do?  If you aren’t sure, check out Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk.
  • What about your purpose, can you tell others about what drives you?
  • Do you have an authentic tagline or brand slogan?
  • Is your Logo and tagline something your audience understands?
  • When you share it with others, what reaction do you get?
  • Do they understand what you do?

Here’s some #creativebiz “homework”:

  • Ponder these questions then take a few minutes of block time and write them down.
  • Test them out with your friends and family.
  • Then test them on people who don’t exactly get what you do.
  • See if they understand without you going into more detail.

Remember, this takes time.

Don’t rush this, just stay consistent and keep working and honing your story.  The better you can explain why you do what you do the better your ideal clients and audience will learn more about you.  If they are truly your right audience you can begin to connect with your audience, let them to know you better, like you more and then want to work with you.

Extra credit:

  • Create a list of brand slogans, mission statements and proposition statements.

  • Ask yourself… Is it possible for me to simplify or hone my message more?

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So tell me, are you ready to start practicing better communication skills?  I hope so!  Once you understand your core foundations, you will have much more clarity to start talking to your target audience.  I’d love to hear what your brand story is!

Do you have a brand slogan that you are happy to share with your audience?

I’d love to here about them, email me or post on Google+PinterestFacebook or Twitter!




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