4 Productivity Steps for Q4

4 Productivity Steps for Q4

4 Productivity Steps for Q4

At the time I'm writing this article, it's November. The time of the year where you have a choice to make. And that comes with mixed feelings. You are either stressed out and anxious. After all, you are worried because you've not achieved all you wanted. Tick tock, can you hear the clock?

Or you're excited and eager because you've reached your revenue goals and are ready to start planning for 2022. Which can feel more easeful, leaving you relaxed and ready to start planning or you can feel a bit stressed. Why? Because you want to make the planning easy and something you can do easily every day instead of once a year.

Either way, you need a plan. Easy steps you can do to start your day and week.

The problem is you're not sure what that strategy is or how to start. And that, my friend, is stressful.

Every entrepreneur should have a manageable plan to start their week to stay focused and keep moving forward. I get it because when I started ten years ago, I struggled. Back then, I had so many ideas swimming around in my mind as I juggled all the balls in the air. However, I kept working to create a simple step-by-step plan that worked for my clients and me.

Here's my four-step plan to help me stay focused.

Step 1: Write down the top three to five projects you need to do today that will move the needle for your projects. Don't overwhelm yourself. If you accomplish them, you can always add 1-3 more. 


Not sure how to start?

Take a piece of paper

Try a post-it note strategy

Use a dry erase board

Step 2: Schedule out days of the week or time in the day to work on your client projects. Consider your clock and when you are most alert. That is when I'd suggest you perform on your client or most essential tasks. 

Step 3:  Create a Google Sheet or use this template I've created to save you time. Follow the instructions as you see in the video below to set up your weekly schedule.

Step 4: Here's a bonus tip! Add one item (each day) that is revenue-generating. Adding this one item to your schedule will help you move your business forward so it grows.

Planning your day and week is essential to stay focused and productive.

I hope these four steps help you. If you're still struggling to stay focused, try the Pomodoro method.  It's what I use when I have to concentrate. It always works. Add in some concentration music on Spotify, and I'm intensely focused!

And if you are worried because you've not achieved all you wanted, could it be that you're struggling with clear communications or copy in your marketing? Hum.

The way you express yourself in your written words can make a big difference in your business. If you believe that you could be a better writer but don't know where to start, you're in the right place!

Having clarity and confidence in your messaging will make a significant improvement in your business. 


Book a call today. 


In the meantime, download the Your Productivity Planner. This way, you avoid wasting any more time moving the needle in your business and instead are focused and productive! 

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