Holiday Marketing for a Merry Season

It might still be warm were you are and difficult to think about the holiday season.  Since it’s already September, I hope you are planning your holiday marketing!  I want your holiday’s to be merry and your season to shine!

Vinokolet-showWhen I was a full time practicing artist I participated in art shows, holiday events and had several Holiday Open Studio’s in my Ceramic studio & retail shop.  I vividly recall the holiday season was always exciting and exhausting time of year.  Last weekend, my husband and I strolled through a fall show that I had participated in multiple times.  How different it was to be on the “buyer” side!

As we walked through the show I observed the festival had grow quite a bit in attendance, which is great.  However the size of artisan is about the same as when I participated, probably due to the required long weekend times.  I remember them well.  A long and tiring show for participating artist which was apparent on many of the artisan’s faces as we came to their booths.  Some didn’t speak or engage with us at all.  In one booth, I purposely didn’t say anything to the jewelry artist and patiently waiting for her to engage as I viewed her pieces.  My husband and I were the only people in her booth.  Sadly she did not say anything to us, not even hello.  Ironically it was my husband who noticed no one had an email list or access to business cards in their booths.  With all the potential people who might be interested in their work, those opportunities were lost.

Vino! Painting by Darla KirchnerWhether you are participating holiday shows events, open studios or gallery exhibits there are fundamental marketing area to focus on:

  • Plan ahead; if you know the event you are participating in is long, plan for a break and get assistance.
  • Put yourself in your audience and potential customers place, think like them.
  • Be engaging to everyone who walks by, in or around your work.  When busy with other customers, have cards available for easy access.
  • Ask questions! The best way to know what they like is to ask, these opportunities are perfect for market research:)
  • Get creative and have a reason for them to join your email list.  I talk about this in my FREE Video Series🙂
  • Make your email list available and present it to everyone possible.
  • Follow up with anyone interested in your work.
  • Add your new emails and contacts to your database and create an holiday email campaign.
  • Promote and share your holiday events & show everywhere, in print, online, your website, social media and via email.

I realize it’s much easier to offer suggestions now that I am on the other side.  I have a different perspective, the buyers.  I share this golden nugget with you to be of service.  Whether I am coaching or creating a blog post or presentation, it is all to use my experience & lerned knowledge to serve.  Working with creative entrepreneurs to help them develop a business & marketing strategy is my passion.  Are you ready for more great resources to launch your holiday season?

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Over the years I have learned a great deal along my art career journey.  I am using my experience to focus as a business coach and trainer and love working with other creative entrepreneurs.  The holidays are a busy time, I know.  The opportunities during this time to grow your creative biz is also BIGGER  now.  I don’t want you to miss any of them!  It’s why I developed an affordable program for creative entrepreneurs to get achieve success with a community of like minded creatives.

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