How to Build Your Brand and Make Connections on Twitter

Never in a million years would I thought I would be writing an article about using Twitter for building your brand.  Well until now… Today I want to share how to build your brand and make connections on Twitter!

I have been on Twitter since 2009.  Although I was never sure what to do on Twitter or how to use it to connect with like-minded people or my target audience.  So I didn’t.  I focused on visual platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  Yeah, they are much easier for me because I’m a visual girl.

These days, I’m excited about using Twitter to grow my brand awareness. I want to share what’s working for me to get followers and making great connections.When Periscope entered the social media arena I KNEW it was going to be something and so I started to plan.  Interestingly enough in rebranding myself and wanted to use my personal name. I didn’t have one from Twitter to use for Periscope.  So I created @darla_kirchner to use on Periscope.

After I created my new account, I knew I needed to spend time and create a strategy to build my brand awareness and follower on Twitter.  Here’s some tips and learned that I’m happy to share…

Goals for building Your brand on Twitter:

1. Be authentic and share useful content to build your brand awareness.

Best advice learned over the years about building my brand is to simply be ME.  I know, shocking right?  I’ve not always embraced my “zone of genius”.  Bright shiny objects would come into my site and I would think that’s where I should focus.  It took a few knocks for me to realize I need to stay and share what I know and do best.

For me, it’s building authentic brands that speak to my client’s and their audience.  My passion is creating brilliant brands for my clients that simply shines online.  Once I realized this is my zone of genius, I became real, positive and authentically me.

2. Learn how to use Twitter better.

There are some amazing Twitter experts that use Twitter brilliantly.  Some of my online friends LOVE twitter, now I understand why. Here’re a few tips to get you started using Twitter better:

  • Add a photo of you, preferably one with you smiling:) Don’t be an “egg head”.  People will not take you seriously or connect with you.  Find a great headshot and add it to your profile.
  • You have 160 characters to tell people who you are on Twitter.  Write it like you are talking to someone in person.  Share your occupation, your interests, your hobbies.  Don’t get too creative or heavy with hashtags.
  • Connect with other people you admire and like.  I’ve learned it’s a good rule to keep a number of people you are following about the same as the people that are following you.

3. Be engaging and connect with others.

Engaging on Twitter is easier than you may believe.  Most people are very willing to engage and share with you.  I simply asked on Twitter and tagged a few Twitter experts I admire (and follow) if they would share a top twitter tip for newbies.  I’m very grateful for those who responded and thanked them with a personal message on Twitter.

Here are their tips:

Peg Fitzpatrick offered this great tip, “create an awesome list to follow great people in targeted segments.”

[Tweet “Create an awesome list to follow great people in targeted segments. @PegFitzpatrick”]

Peg Fitzpatrick has a great book she co-wrote with Guy Kawasaki called “The Art of Social Media“. In it they share power tips for using social media.  There’re some great tips about how to set up your accounts and much more. I’d suggest getting the kindle version because it has all the links:)  I also have a hard copy, that I refer to often!

Rivka Kawano shared “create great content every day and then respond.”

[Tweet “Create great content every day and then respond. @RivkaK”]

Engaging on social media is something everyone should do more.  People want to connect with people.   We all put our pants on the same way.  Almost all the online entrepreneurs I know, are very willing to share and love to engage.  So if you have a question, ask.  If you see a great post from others that you feel your audience will appreciate, retweet it.  Retweeting is like sharing on Facebook.  Be generous and share.

I strive to post relevant content at least 6-12 times a day.  Some people post every hour.  On Twitter, you can post very often as it goes by in seconds.  Be consistent is my advice.  Well, that’s my word for everything you do to build your brand and biz:)

Here’re a few entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter:

The best tip I can here is to follow people who emulate what your values and mission are.  Learn from them, share their post.  Share your best tips and advice. Be positive and a be a giver.

4. Share great information, tips and tools.

Think about what will help your audience.  Remember your target audience and give value.  Share tips, tools and blog post from others.  Share your information too.  Below is an example of one of my brand tips.  I also share great quotes from other entrepreneurs and tweets that I think my follower’s will find helpful. 

Don’t forget to be personable!  Remember we are all people here on Twitter.  So be engaging.  When someone follows you, thank them.  Many advise not using an autoresponder for twitter.  I know it saves time, but it’s not personable:)  Being human is a great strategy:)  It’s also a reflection of you and your brand.

5. Create/share branded images.

Creating images on social media is a great way to promote your brand.  Twitter is no different and a great place to bring awareness to your brand.  Use photo editing sites like Picmonkey or Canva to create branded images to share. Both of these images creating tools have templates to help you.  The size for Twitter post image is 1024 x 512.  If you are designing them yourself, go here to grab my social sites cheat sheet.  Here’s an example of one of mine:)


6. Track your Twitter Analytics.

Measure what is working for you on Twitter with their analytics.  It’s free and a great tool to see your tweet highlights such as top tweets, mentions and followers.  Using this tool you can track what is working and how you can improve your brand awareness.

I hope these tips tools and strategies will help you build your brand on Twitter!  These are thing I wished I had known and applied years ago!  Are you on Twitter too?  If so, I’d love to connect with you :)

What’s your favorite Twitter tip to use on Twitter? I’d love to know:)  Share it with me on Twitter!



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