How To Create Awesome Visual Content Images

Are you creating images to reach your target audience?  When visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain more than text, you should seriously consider it!  As a visual girl, I’m all about creating great branded visuals for your biz.  If you’re not creating them, here’s how to create awesome visual content images.

Creating visual content is the number one way I drive traffic to my website.  I’m lucky to be a visual girl who has been designing images and graphics for over 20 years.  However, I work with clients and have colleagues who aren’t “artsy” as they say.

Here’re 7 tips to make awesome visual content images:

1. Make sure your visual content images are consistent with your branding.

I always suggest to my clients have a “style guide” with all their important branding information on it.  For example Brand colors, font styles, patterns or textures.

2. Create a visual content Pinterest Board of great examples.

I have several Pinterest boards, one is specifically for amazing visual content images to be inspired by.  Start a Pinterest board and refer to it when you are creating your visuals.  Some great people to follow are Peg Fitzpatrick, Donna Moritz and Rebekah Radice for awesome visuals.

 3. Create multiple images at one time.

When you are in “design mode” it’s easier to stay there.  Whenever possible I suggest you block time to create more than one image.  My dad was a baker, so I typically create at least 6, usually 12 images at one time.  Unless I’m under a tight time frame, I create images in “batches”.  Once you are in creation mode, it’s easier to stay there and will save you time in the long run:)

4. Use great design and editing tools.

There’re so many tools you can use to create your visual content.  I’m spoiled with I suggest to my clients Picmonkey and Canva.  There are also great image making apps too.  My go to tool is Worsdwag and Flipogram.

5. Use your original images or find images that are copyright free.

Whenever possible I ALWAYS use my own images and photos.  However, there are times when I need an image and don’t have them.  One of my favorite places to go to is Pixabay.

6.  Develop your personal brand style.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I can give is to develop YOUR brand style.  Share your personality.  Use words you would say.  Years ago, I was deeply inspired by some amazing and successful creative entrepreneurs.  So much so that some of my designs look very simular.  I realized that I didn’t want to be a copycat, I wanted to be me.  The amazing part is when I embraced being me and began to share my personal style my clients and audience noticed and I became recognized for MY work and MY style.  That’s my best advice.  Practice makes perfect, so the more you work on creating your visual content images, the better you will get:)

7. Experiment and test different visual content strategies.

The best way to see what is working for you is by experimenting.  Some of my go to visuals are image graphics and quote graphics.  I’ve created infographics for myself and for clients, they have been very successful.  Recently I experimented with creating a Flipogram video which had amazing reach on Facebook.  My advice is to play and test out different types of visuals.  I’ve found that they work differently on different social media networks.

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I hope these tips help you create some awesome branded visuals!  Make sure you grab my free Stock Image Cheat Sheet!  Remember we all start somewhere.  So if your not comfortable creating your own branded images, hire a graphic designer:)  If you are creating your own branded images, remember practice makes perfect!  The more you work on creating your visual content images, the better you will get… I promise:)

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I hope these tips inspire you to create your own branded content!  Of course, if you simply don’t have the time or want to, I’m happy to help!  Head over to my work with me page or contact me and let’s chat about your branding and visual needs.

Here’s to creating great branded visuals, 

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If you have question or comment about creating professional looking branding and visuals, click here.  I love to hear from you and always happy to help:)


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