How to Create Collaborations in Your Biz

Often as entrepreneures we work solo, myself included.  Three years ago when I began building Creative Biz School I realized I needed to find and surround myself with awesome people.  Every entrepreneur or small biz owner should be seeking ways to collaborate because it is a great way to share your biz message and offering.

How to Creatie Collaboration in your Biz
I’m a team player and an extravert… I always have been:)  Honestly most of the time, I don’t like working alone.  I love to be surrounded with like minded ambitious awesome women entrepreneurs!  So I set the intention to find them.  I began to think of ways that I could collaborate.

First I began to seek out entrepreneurs I liked and admired.  I had a local community established to engage.  Since the primary focus for my business is online, I began my search there.  My goal is to find, collaborate with online entrepreneurs and share their exertise with my audience. Everyone has their area of genious, so I asked others to join me on my expert interview so they could share their biz story, successes and challenges.

How to create ideal collaborations:

  • Create a list of people you admire, within and outside your industry.
  • Look within your social media groups, email list and local community.
  • Start engaging with them!
  • Like, comment and SHARE  their post and information.
  • Stay consistent, friendly, helpful and keep honing what works best.

List of ideal ways to collaborate:

Collaboration Tools to stay organized:

Once you have established a good connection with your new collaboration contact, you will want to build a good relationship with them.  Sometimes there’s an instant connection and sometimes even if there’s a great connection finding and creating a great collaboration may take time.

Here a recent story about patience and persistence.  Before I established Creative Biz School and honed myself as a Brand Strategist, I was a professional artist and designer.  I still practice both, when time permits.  I am blessed to know some amazing creatives and peopel who are passionate about the arts.  One of them is Meredith Raffel.  Meredith has dedicated herself to the arts here in Mason Ohio.  She is the director of The Arts Alliance .  Meredith, like so many other arts advocates works tirelessly to promote the arts.  We met many years ago and our relationship grew.

Once I transitioned and had Creative Biz School up and running I contacted Meredith about collaborating.  That was almost 2 yrs ago.  We discussed different ways we could partner and collaborate on a project together.  Last winter we found it and after brainstorming and planning for almost 6 months we are offering a Creative Biz Workshop series.  It’s been a great experience, each bringing our stengths and building a collaborative business workshops to our local Cincinnati arts and creative community!

Click here or on the image for workshop details:

Collaborate Creative Biz Workshop Series

Collaboration takes time.  Connecting with the right people and building great relationships is an investment of time that will help you build a quality business.  I have several collaborations some I’ve been working on for a few years, like my Creative Retreat:)  Remember to maintain a positive mindset, make a plan and stay persistant and you will create an ideal collaboration strategy.  I hope that by sharing this one of many stories, tips and tools will ignite you to add collaborations to your biz strategy:)

My favorite part of sharing is keeping the conversations going with you!  Each week I ask one question.

Here’s this week’s:  How do you collaborate in your biz?

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