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We face challenges in our lives and business every day. As entrepreneurs and small biz owners, in order to grow you have to overcome them to move to the next level. Today I am sharing great strategies to help you overcome Big Roadblocks In Building Your Brand.How-to-Overcome-Big-Roadblocks-In-Building-Your-Brand

In my world, your brand is a combination of your business, your purpose and passion.  Recently I was talking to a colleague about her brand.  After we talked a while she made an amazing statement…

[Tweet “You are a walking logo for your business. Kellie O’Brien”]

Since I believe this is true I try very hard to stay authentic and try overcome challenges for my biz and for my clients.  It would be a dream if we’d all NOT have road blocks though that’s simply nor reality, right?

Here are 4 videos with some pretty powerful strategies I had the pleasure to be part of.  This is part of a series that we hosted on the CoBlaboration Show on Blab with 3 other amazing entrepreneurs that are friends and colleagues and even clients.

What Scare’s You In your Entrepreneur Biz?

I was happy to have Tanya Silva founder of Diet Junke on for a bit along with my co-host Africa Archield and Emily Petroff.  We all have areas in our business or life that challenge us, road blocks are simply part of the journey.  In this live-stream video on our Coblaboration show, we discuss many different areas that scare us!

Are You Afraid Of Unsubscribes Or Not Talking Clearly With Your Target Audience?

On this Blab show, I was joined with Kate Barrett, Tiffany Lanier and Emily Petroff. Click to listen in as we talk about the power of email marketing.  Whether you offer products or services, you MUST have an email marketing campaign.  Do you worry when people unsubscribe to your list? Listen to the video for some great insights!

Do You Have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) In Your Biz?

Okay I would guess that we all have it, FOMO or fear of missing out.  Listen to this coBlaboration Show where I talk (and laugh) with Kate Barrett, Africa Archield and Emily Petroff about many different areas where FOMO can be challenging… and how to help you overcome it!

Are You Afraid Of Success, Failure Or Achieving Success?

Some say they have a fear of success, some a fear of failure… So is it possible to achieve balance?  Listen to my blab with Kate Barrett and Emily Petroff.  This is a great conversation filled with plenty of ideas and strategies to help you find YOUR balance!

[Tweet “The only way to conquer a self-limiting belief is by recognizing a negative mindset and taking action to overcome it. Z Newman”]

One of the biggest challenges and road blocks are the ones we create ourselves.  Self-limiting belief is a roadblock that I’ve had.  When I realized that it was holding me back from helping others I began to take action to change my mindset.  I focus on the positive things when faced with a new roadblock.  Waking up every day with gratitude helps me even more when it feels like my journey is uphill:)

[Tweet “Gratitude is the best attitude.”]

I hope you find these powerful blab shows helpful when you are challenged with a new road block! We all have them as you can see.  I’m delighted to be able to share the ups and downs of our entrepreneurial journeys on the Coblaboration Show and invite you to join us and the many others that we interact with on the show!

Be fearless!

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