Most people don’t want to feel like they are pushing their business on others.  Many will say “no thanks” if they feel like they are being sold too.  Let's talk about how to NOT feel like a pushy sales person.


Strategies to help you better market and sell without feeling pushy.

Facts to keep in mind.

  • If you are in business, you are in marketing and sales.

  • If you are married or have kids, you are marketing and selling.

  • If you are working for someone else, you are marketing and selling.

How do you know?

  1. Remember the times you negotiated with your kids to eat their veggies?  That's marekting and sales. 
  2. When you shared your dreams of taking a special trip to Europe with your husband (like I did), you are marketing and selling.  
  3. Asking for a much overdue rasie. Yep... you're marketing and selling your value.  

Sales strategies to help you market your brand better.

How do you feel like you are not marketing?

When you are sharing your personal story.
Sharing your personal story is one of the most underutilized strategies in business.  I see it all the time.  Big corporations are seeing it as important and paying BIG money to marketing agencies to help them seem more relatable.
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Here's how small business can shine!

1. Get your message clear

Hands down, this is the most important element of a marketing and sales funnel.  An unclear marketing and sales message will confuse and loose opportunities.  After becoming a Storybrand Certified Guide, I realized HOW important this process is.

2. Understand your Ideal Clients

If you don't know who your ideal client is or what they want or need or have the right words to share, they will not listen. Your brand message is the foundation of your marketing and sales efforts.  Get it right and your business will grow.

3.  Show you Care

The best way to connect with anyone is to show you care.  People can feel you coming if you don't genuinely care about them and their needs.  The best way to show you care is though empathy.  Tell them how you can relate to their challenges or problems.



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4. Call them to action

Now that they believe you genuinely care will they want to know how to work with you.  This is where many businesses fall short.  They don't share how they can help. This is otherwise known as not calling people to action or asking for the order.

When you genuinely believe you have the service, product or program to help your target audience, will they feel they can trust you.

5. Connect by building a relationship, not pushing a sale

When your audience clearly understand how you can help them and feel you relate to them, will they not believe you are pushing them into a sales.  They will understand you are there to help them and NOT sell to them.
Here's to sharing and selling using story! 

About Darla Kirchner

As a Brand + Visual Design Strategist, I guide entrepreneurs to define their brand story so they successfully connect to their right audience!