Most people don’t want to feel like they are pushing their business on others.  Many will say “no thanks” if they feel like they are being sold too.  Let’s talk about how to NOT feel like a pushy sales person.


Here are some sales strategies to help you market your brand better.

Here’s the deal

  • If you are in business, you are marketing.

  • If you are married or have kids, you are marketing.

  • If you are working for someone else, you are marketing.

How do you know?

  1. Remember the times you were negotiating’ with your kids to eat their veggies?  That’s marketing. 
  2. When you are sharing your dreams of taking that special anniversary trip to Europe with your husband you (like I did), are marketing.  
  3. When you negotiate for the raise you deserved months ago, yep… you’re marketing.  

Sales strategies to help you market your brand better.

How do you feel like you are not marketing?

When you are sharing your personal story.
Sharing your personal story is one of the most underutilized brand strategies in most business.  I see it all the time.  Big corporations are seeing it as important and paying BIG money to marketing agencies to help them seem more relatable.
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Here’s how we entrepreneurs and small business can shine!

1. Research other business marketing.

How are other business’ you admire sharing their personal stories?
Do you like the stories they are sharing?
Think about how they make you feel when they share their story.

2. Select a story to share 

Think about the best movies you’ve seen or books you read.  What’s your story genre?
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Non-fiction
  • Realistic fiction
  • Romance novel
  • Satire
  • Tragedy

You may relate better to these narratives…

  • Paradise found
  • Disaster occurred
  • Reluctant Hero
  • Short-Lived Victory
  • Devastating Defeat
  • Moment of Grace
  • Final Victory

3.  Select a piece of the story and share it

 Think about the story you want to share and consider these elements:
  • Hero or heroine
  • Villain
  • Untold Facts
  • Story Behind the Story
  • Breaking News



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4. Write a story and weave in your personal brand story

One for One… Have you heard this Tagline before?  It’s from Tom’s Shoes.
The founder share’s his story of going to
Marketing is another way to connect to your tribe.  Those who want to hear from you and are engaged to work with you.
One for One…
Have you heard this Tagline before?  It’s from Tom’s Shoes and begins with Founder, Blake Mycoskie’s personal story.  It’s a great way to understand the power of personal branding, purpose, and storytelling.
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Connecting to other is pulling and not pushing a sale

When other’s, particularly your desired audience, relate to your story, they don’t don’t have the impression you are selling to them.  Start with light stories and practice weaving your stories into your marketing.   If you truly want to be of service, your audience will sense it, and begin to believe in what you offer.
Here’s to sharing your personal story! 
Darla is a real world brand story and marketing coach.  A small business cheerleader, Darla inspires authenticity, clarity, confidence, and possibility.   If you are ready to up-level your brand story without feeling salesy, then join our community!

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