Vera Bradley Pattern or Kate Spade?

Which are you, a Vera Bradley pattern person or a Kate Spade charmer?  I believe I’m somewhere in the middle of the two.  I am traveling this week on business, though had a long layover in Chicago.  After I finished work, I was able to squeeze some shopping and site seeing! 

Since I launched “Your Complete Ideal Client eCourse” I’ve been focused on teaching and sharing the importance of knowing your ideal clients and target audience.  So while I was shopping I took notice of the shoppers and the brands of the shops I wandered into with my family.  
Among many in the outlet mall were two women’s apparel stores with completely different styles we went into.  One is a favorite of my sister in laws, Vera Bradley.  Each time I visit this store there are new patterns.  Since I am trained and professional surface designer, I love all the patterns and colors!  As I went through the store targeting my focus, I was amazed by all the different product offerings available by Vera Bradley.  Their brand demographic is wide, from teens to women in their 60’s.  Besides a wide array of purses, totes and bags, they offer computer bags, covers, stationery and even cell phone covers all with their distinguished bold patterns and colors.  

So what’s my point in sharing this with you?

If you know what your target audience likes, wants and needs are, you can offer different products and services to them.  So do you?  

Do you really know your dream client?  

Vera Bradley or Kate Spade?

Although I typically like handmade pieces, I came out of the store with a new “Miller” Bag and cosmetic bag for my business trip 🙂
As we strolled through the outdoor outlet mall we wandered into Kate Spade.  Which is a completely different feel for a different type of customer.  Preppy, sophisticated with a touch of whimsey, Kate Spade is very popular with the younger 20 something generation.  A tighter age bracket, from what I saw in the store. 
 Vera Bradley or Kate Spade?

As I perused all the chic accessories, colorful though stylish bags and almost 50’s style classic dresses, I saw their unique branding on the wall creatively displayed behind the check out.

This is a clever, creative way to market to Kate Spade’s ideal customer.  

Vera Bradley or Kate Spade? 
Do you have a tagline or slogan that speaks to your target audience?  How are you reaching them? 

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your eyes open and look around.
  • See what your competition is doing.
  • Look outside your outside your area.
  • Ask yourself, what does my target audience want?

Build a better relationship with your target audience.  Let’s face it, we creatives are not a HUGE brands like Vera Bradley or Kate Spade with deep pockets for marketing.  Stop wasting your valuable time and efforts.  Build a sustainable income working with people who want to work and purchase from you!  Take the leap and join our awesome community of creatives who are rocking their biz… Start now!  Click over to the eCourse to learn more!  
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Have a great week:)



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