Where to Start on Social Media

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that social media is important to gain exposure for your biz.  I’m often asked “where do I start on social media?”  I’m sharing how I started on social media and hope it helps you as you navigate these ever growing area.

Let’s keep it simple with some Tips!

We live in a very small and social world now.  If you want to expose your business to the world, you need to be apart of this online.  It’s part of our social culture.  More importantly, odds are your customers are on social media. The sooner you get involved the better.  Social media is not going away in fact it’s only growing and changing.

Top Social Media Networks

Tip #1:  Pick one social media platform:

Pinterest and Facebook are my favorites.  I started on Facebook with a personal page.  I realized I wanted to keep my personal life seperate and didn’t want to bother my friends and family with “work” stuff.  So I created a Biz page.

Facebook is ALWAYS changing it’s algorithem.  So you have to stay on top of it and realize that just like you Facebook is in business to make revenue.  So when you have a biz page, you will need to invest in ads to really start to reach your audience.

Tip #2: Start where you are most comfortable.

I started with Facebook.  Set up my first business page to separate from my personal page, then I created a second business page.  Now I show my clients how to use Facebook to create better brand awareness.  Depending on their needs create branded images for them or teaching them how to make branded images through my programs.

Facebook is ALWAYS changing!  So realize that when working on this network. If you create a business page, which I recommend, you will have to pay for ads if you really want to optimize your brand awareness.

After I felt comfortable with posting on Facebook and learned enough, I started learning Pinterest.  I began a personal Pinterest account and INSTANTLY fell in love with it!  I’ve loved it ever since 1012 when it was still in beta.  Currently I have two accounts, one’s more personal and the other is for business and branding.

To date, Pinterest is my best traffic referal.  I pin A LOT and have some original pins that have been repinned thousands of times.  That’s your goal, to create original pins and have them repinned to drive traffic back to your homebase… website.

Tip #3:  Measure which networks are better for your biz.

We all wear a lot of hats.  So I suggest you keep it simple at first.  Learn one platform and dive deep.  Track which ones are working better with Google Analytics.  Measure it for a month and make adjustments with your results.

Tip #4: Keep it Simple!

When Instagram came on the scene, I was hooked.  I love it’s casual style.  It’s visual and a way to connect to your audience on a different level.  It’s also another way to share your brand story and attract new clients.  On top of this, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so I often post on Instagram and then share it with my Facebook biz account.  A great time saver, for sure:)

[Tweet ““Social media are tools. Realtime is a mindset.” -David Meerman Scott #socialmedia”]

I hope you found these tips helpful!  Keep in mind, we all start somewhere.  Try not to get overwhelmed with it.  Have fun, be you and share your gifts with the world.  Social media is a great place to get your message out there!  I’d love to know which is your favorite platform for growing your brand awareness and connecting to your target audience.

Here’s my question for you… which is your favorite platform for growing your brand awareness and connecting to your target audience?

I’d love to here about them, email me or post on Google+PinterestFacebook or Twitter!




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