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I wake every morning and think of all the blessings in my life.  I practice being grateful every day.  Why? Because I’ve had the glass almost full and pretty empty.  I’ve learned how looking at the glass half full is much happier than seeing my life as half empty.

I’m always learning and seeking to grow personally.  I want to share a bit of one of the most challenging stories of my life.  Let’s face it, sharing the positive experiences in your life is so much easier than sharing difficult ones.

We all want to share great successes or awesome experiences that we have had.  However, I’ve found by going through and making it to the other side is a difficult situation has always been a deeper learning experience for me.

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Why I practice being grateful EVERY day…

Just like you, I’ve had some wonderful experiences in my life.  Meeting and marrying my best friend.  Having three wonderful and healthy children.  A nice and comfortable home.  These are at the top of my list of gratitude and ALL of which I am grateful for daily.

Back in 2008 I had a thriving working art studio.  A team of four associates that were dedicated to our business mission.  We had 12 sales reps and were in specialty shops and small galleries across the US.  Our functional hand painted ceramics shipped all over the world.  Then the recession hit.  Companies were going under daily… all around us.  My friends were losing their companies.  It broke my heart and scared me to death!

I worked harder.  Put in more hours to the point of exhaustion.  I never saw my family or friends.  All the work and effort didn’t seem to help after a while.   I never stopped working or thinking about work.  The immense stress was affecting my health to the point that I couldn’t sleep and my hair was falling out.  That’s never a good thing!

Eventually my husband and I decided it was time to make the difficult choice to close the studio.  That’s the short version of this challenging chapter in my life.  A chapter I never want to repeat again!  After my family and associates helped move my studio and we closed the doors I hit bottom.  I became depressed which scared my family.  I felt like an absolute failure.

Even then, I knew I had much to be grateful for.  I began to dig even deeper to find the positive in this experience.  To find or create the drops that would refill my glass again.

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Why I Practice Being Grateful Every Day

That’s when I truly began to practice being grateful.

Since then I wake and before I get out of bed to start my day, I count my blessings.  Then I think of new things, people and experiences that I am grateful for.  This is how I stay positive and happy.

I believe it’s because I practice this ritual every morning that I was able to dig my way out of depression without any aids or professional help.  I learned to create a positive mindset to thrive.

After the close of my studio, there were other challenges that came because of the recession.  Even then, I held to my daily ritual of gratitude.  I still recall many days when all I could be grateful for was my healthy family, dear friends, food and a roof over our heads.  Really.  Though it got me through every day.

Today I can happily say my family is in a much better place.  I learn from all my experiences.  Though the toughest experiences usually are the ones we learn from most, right?

I hope by sharing my story and why I stay grateful every day will help you if you are dealing with a personal or professional challenge.  My hope is will help you as it has me.  I realize now that I shouldn’t look at my glass as either half full or half empty.  Why?  Because when you “your glass” gets low, you can always refill it!

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Remember this…

  • Seek the positive in life, even when it’s most challenging.

  • Remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for.

  • Smile!  And know that tomorrow is a new day, this challenge will pass.

Want a great way to remind yourself to stay grateful?  Create a gratitude board, here’s mine:)

Before I go, I want to share how grateful I am for my life and my journey.  I’m abundantly grateful for my family and amazing friends and I’m also very grateful for my community here too.  Just sayin’, you are on my list:)

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Take care!





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